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Rugby: the sport has shaped my experiences, both good and bad, and it will forever be part of my life. I am working, every day at becoming the best player I can possibly be. Through nutrition, strength and conditioning programs, sleep, meditation, and goal setting I am getting there.

My playing history includes:

  • Adirondack Rugby, Captain, State Champions
  • Norwich University Women’s Varsity Rugby, Captain, 5-time National Champion
  • Junior and Collegiate All-American, Tours against Canada and France
  • Bristol Ladies Rugby, England Women’s Premiere League
  • USA Women’s National Team, Prop

As a current capped USA Women’s National Team member, one of our team mottos has continued to fuel me: WIN THE DAY. That’s my goal, every day, because someone, somewhere in the world is working hard towards the day they get to play USA. I make sure I’m working harder.

I’m currently blogging for UBsports Rugby Portal, but I also review, share and comment on rugby resources. My Rugby posts (under Categories: Rugby) are for those aspiring players, my fellow ruggers, or anyone interested in the sport and everything an athlete has to commit to. These resources are for my accountability, to keep pushing myself all the time. They are also for yours. If you need help eating clean, finding incredibly motivating workouts, setting goals or figuring out how the heck to relax enough to meditate, I encourage you to join me. Within every resource tab below the Rugby menu, I have included my own profile and examples. Befriend me, follow me, like me, whatever it is. I’ll always return to the favor, because sometimes, the boost of another person in the same struggle is all I need to suck it up.


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