Beagle, books, espresso, writing, rugby, travel, food, food, food, hard cider. 


The Past

  • Norwich University 2014 English, education, sociology
  • Norwich Women’s Rugby, Captain
  • Vermont Commission on Women intern. Learned how to support public radio and that a dope pant suit can help you crush anyone
  • Hired all my friends and had an office as a college student while planning events I never went to
  • Waitress/bartender/really good at holding a conversation
  • Locations: Vermont, United Kingdom, Los Angeles, Little Rock, Seattle


The Present

  • Locations: Adirondack Park & beyond
  • Adirondack Center for Writing, Assistant to the Director
  • Poet, essayist, journalist
  • TEFL and writing tutor
  • Paul Smith’s College Women’s Rugby Coach
  • Shipping container home owner. Stubborn and adventurous enough to live alone in the woods with a elderly beagle and no running water, never going back

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