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Welcome to WeaveWriter. What do they offer any visiting writer?

  • WeaveWriter’s Roadmap- this is a free resource that is emailed in a few separate sections. I have recently finished working my way through the Roadmap and below are my listed thoughts on my experience.
  • Podcast Series- the creator of WeaveWriter, Dane Sanders, hosts a podcast series called Converge, it’s available on iTunes and offers some different angles on creativity and innovation. Full of endless topics to ponder, and it’s always free.
  • 30 Day Challenge- provides daily emails with short essays and other readings, as well as writing prompts. At the end of every prompt it asks did you complete your writing today? If not, no worries, and no judgements. Here’s the best part: they let you choose your price for the challenge. Would you pay $50? $100? $0 for daily writing support? It’s all up to you, and you can always add more of a contribution.Overall, WeaveWriter.com is a resource for writing, for writers of any age, ability, and ambition. I’d highly recommend it!

What Am I Loving About WeaveWriter’s Roadmap:

  1. Starts with the basics. The Roadmap is stream-lined and easy to follow. It gives every type of writer a stepping off point, and the freedom to have whatever conclusion they’d like. Most guides in writing don’t tackle the aspect of creating of a habit, at least not in specific detail. Starting simple is good, even for developed writers. To get back to the basics of anything is a cleansing, and often inspirational process. But WeaveWriters is keen to develop your skills if you want to, with tasks to write mini-essays with the idea of a bigger story.
  2. It applies to all writers. The prompts, questions and habit are a good guide for any writer from an aspiring novelist, blogger or using writing as a therapeutic technique. WeaveWriters has done a great job of providing the groundwork for any writer.
  3. Changes up a regular writing routine. I have a writing routine, one that works for me on a regular basis. Following the routine and “roadmap” of WeaveWriters is helpful in that it gives a writer a new way to complete their writing goal. Adding new routines is an easy way to add dimension to someone’s writing.

What Could Be Better?

  1. Cool suggestions for writing resources, but they are all pretty costly. Especially since the WeaveWriter Roadmap is free, it goes without saying that writers struggle to make the dough until you hit the big leagues. Since I, and many other readers I assume, are still in Little League, we need some resources that are free to use. Also, most of these are based in the Apple App store, which would be unavailable to anyone not dedicated to the Mac products. While I am one of those Mac-sters, there are plenty of writers who aren’t.
  2. There’s no reading suggestions in the Roadmap. The aim is to write better stories, of all kinds, but I am missing out on what constitutes as a good story? Of course this is a hard question to ask, but just a few samples of different types of writing that inspired the creators would help the readers get an idea of how and what inspired them to write. Then, we can apply your specific experiences to the collection of inspiration that we are creating for ourselves.

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