Eagles Revolt: “How to Become an Eagle”

Several USA Women’s Eagles pre-game warm up.

In the latest edition of USA Women’s Rugby National Team blog, coach Pete Steinberg outlined the steps any player can take towards making the national team squad. He discusses some of the changes USA is making to their program as well as some tips for aspiring players. It’s exciting to be a part of these changes; never before has the team and coaches has such a vision and plan for the future of the sport and the American presence on the international rugby stage. The best part is, this helps not only our national team players, but those young men and women just picking up a ball. We’re beginning to lay the groundwork for them to follow and build upon later. Check out the original article here.

One step every athlete can take is to join UBsports and add any sports they are interested in for news, drills, videos, and links to support their play and development. Specifically for rugby fans, players and parents- you can join UBsports Rugby Portal! I have recently been hired as the Rugby Ambassador and would love and feedback/requests for additions to the portal.


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