Travel Progress Report Card: B+

After nearly 8 months of living abroad and traveling across two continents, I’ve settled into the Pasadena area in Southern California and lately I’ve been feeling both comfortable and restless. As I recently reported, I’ve taken a job with a travel bookstore and gear outfitters store and the appeal to find that next adventure is constantly nagging at me. The new colorful gear, shiny updated travel guides and excited customers about to jump on their flight all contribute to my bad case of the travel bug.

Let me be clear about how I define a travel bug: I don’t necessarily mean it that travel includes a flight or crossing an ocean. I mean exploring our backyards, road tripping to a National Park or a fresh side of a city. I mean challenging ourselves to plan a trip to an area that others call unappealing or unnecessary (because let’s be honest, the people make the place and the human race is awesome). I mean to consider visiting (or living in) places that many of your neighbors couldn’t place on a map. I mean working hard to jump out of your comfort zone, even on a tight budget. That is the travel bug.

Since I’m planning to be in this area for a while (through the fall), I’ve done the next best thing to planning a new trip: I took my travel inventory. It’s a great way to boost your confidence if you’ve done a bit of travel, and a way to inspire your next trip!

Here’s a list of the location categories I have traveled to in my lifetime (most within the last 8 months):

  • 3 continents:
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Central America
  • 12 countries:
    • America
    • Canada
    • Grenada
    • Ireland
    • Scotland
    • Wales
    • England
    • France
    • Italy
    • Switzerland
    • Netherlands
    • Monaco
  • 1 U.S. Territory:
    • Puerto Rico + Island of Vieques
  • 31/50 U.S. States

Overall personalized grade: B+ on the grounds that I’ve done pretty well considering my age and income. But, I plan to do so much more! In meanwhile, I’ve started to create a list of travel goals in the immediate and foreseeable future, I’d recommend doing the same to begin your commitment to getting out there.

After reviewing the list, I feel pretty accomplished, temporarily delaying my need to get up and go! This should also serve as inspiration for anyone with a budget. There’s so many ways to see the world without being a millionaire to do it. Check out one of my previous posts for a good starting point!

3 thoughts on “Travel Progress Report Card: B+

  1. YES, that’s my travel bug definition too. I’m hoping to travel soon though, I’ve been working on the budget/schedule allowing it and am getting close… Check out my blog for local things you can do in Southern California though 🙂 I have a category dedicated to that. I’ve just recently started, but am posting new posts each day!

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