“Work Your Way Around The World”, A Travelguide Review

Working at a travel bookstore is simultaneously inspiring and disheartening. As a young person stung by the travel bug, the constant lure to plan the next trip is always nagging at the back of my mind–but rarely is it supported by my bank account. A recent flux of eco-tourism and voluntourism memoirs and guidebooks have flooded the market, and our customers are more becoming more interested in alternative vacationing. Travel is amazing, but travel with purpose is life-changing. The problem for the many people like me–a recent graduate working part-time– is the price tag that follows even the most anthropologicof adventures. “Work Your Way Around The World” is for those living paycheck to paycheck. But it is also for those who want to live in a different country, a new culture, by committing to working their way around the world.Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 6.57.49 PM

This book highlights opportunities in nearly every area of the globe. It’s also a great guide, full of tips, preparation information and on-site contacts that acts as an insider’s book to finding work anywhere. Its contents include sections on smart travel, efficient preparation, budgeting, etc. Writing, photography, gambling, and odd jobs are also featured, allowing freelancers to have an upper hand when planning to take on the global client. If you’re an unconventional traveler, looking for an alternative way to see the world and do what you love along the way, this is the guide for you!

2 thoughts on ““Work Your Way Around The World”, A Travelguide Review

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