Power of 10 Progress Report, Week 1

This week was the beginning of a lifestyle challenge that I designed and created for myself called the Power of 10. The purpose is to maintain the goals and progress that I have been working on for some time. These goals are for my own mental and physical health, and include:

  1. 10 minutes (minimum) of meditation every day
  2. 10 miles of running every week
  3. 10,000 words of writing every week
  4. 10 Rules of Eating Cleanly, remove the following from diet:
    1. Candy/dessert
    2. Fried foods
    3. Chips
    4. Cheese
    5. Fatty/creamy sauces
    6. Alcohol
    7. Soda
    8. Juices
    9. Sugared coffee drinks
    10. Sugared carbs- bagels, pastries, white breads

I’ve completed week one of my challenge, and I’ve tallied my results. I’m pretty pleased with my progress, but will have to work harder to meet every goal this week and every week after. Mostly I struggled to meet my writing goal of 10K words. I wasn’t journaling as much as I wanted and I certainly wasn’t doing very much creative writing. I did however start what may develop into my first novel manuscript, and begin a few creative pieces. This week my word count total was 3,200 words. I know I have a long way to go, but I am still determined to hit my target by the end of this week!

I able to complete 9 miles of running, but have noticed that in upcoming weeks I won’t have the comfort of being able to jog around a nearby park so easily as this week. I’ve also been using Sworkit, a workout app that does cardio and strength exercises using body weight circuit movements. In the coming weeks, I will give myself the option to substitute the running for a Sworkit session.

Each day I’ve been able to get in at least 10 minutes of meditation time, usually in the morning using the Calm app. I’d like to keep up my progress by pushing myself to focus fully on my body during those sessions and focus my thoughts.

Following the 10 daily eating habits hasn’t been as hard as I’d originally thought, although I’ve had some very tempting moments for fries and chocolate cake in the past day. I have had a sample bite of other’s meals, and I’d like to eliminate those altogether.

Looking forward to next week, here are the updates to the Power of 10 Challenge:

  1. 10 miles of running OR 7 hours of strength/cardio workouts (ex. Sworkit)
  2. 10,000 words total (including blog posts, creative writing, and journaling)
  3. 10 minutes of meditation, just maintain current progress
  4. 10 rules of eating- stricter, no small bites of other’s plates | avoid sauces | add more protein

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