The Power of 10

This Saturday marks the beginning of an incredible, long and immense adventure. Jackie and I will be joined by our parents in Wales as we travel across every country in the UK, to Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and finally back to the U.S. where we will drive from Vermont to California with our dog and a guinea pig. In total, we will be on the road for 40 days.

You can read more about that adventure and the plans in tomorrow’s post. 

As we approach the trip, we’ve organized our luggage, arranged accommodation/travel plans and finalized every detail we can. In doing so, I’ve realized one glaring issue- how am I to maintain all the progress I’ve made with my eating habits, writing and workouts? For several months I have been slowly working towards creating these habits, and using (where I am now registered as a Coach!). Each week I’ve outlined goals: read countless books, cut out junk food, wrote several thousands words a week, added more cardio and higher weights in my strength and conditioning program. I’m feeling great! But I’m worried that with such a long stretch of travel and adventure time, I’ll lose all my progress and I might slide back into bad habits.

Bottom line: I don’t want to forget about my goals when I am traveling. 

So I created a plan. Actually, it’s a challenge. It’s a challenge because it’s harder than anything I’ve done before. Thinking about completing it makes me nervous, and even reading it over now I feel like it’s a bit crazy. I’ve narrowed down my goals into four categories: running, eating healthily, writing, and meditating. For each of those four, I found a power of 10 that I will stride to complete daily and/or weekly. I’ve developed this program in pursuit of obtaining and maintaining a healthy body and mind, and above all, creating a happy self. Here’s the basics:

The Power of 10: 40-Day Challenge

  1. 10 minutes of morning meditation daily
  2. 10 miles of running per week
  3. 10,000 words of writing per week
  4. 10 rules of eating
    1. abstain from the following foods/drinks:
      1. Candy, desserts
      2. Chips
      3. Fatty and cheesy sauces
      4. Fried anything
      5. Alcohol
      6. Juices
      7. Soda
      8. Cheese
      9. Sugared coffee drinks
      10. Pastries, bagels

I am determined to complete my own challenge, and I am looking for anyone who will join me! Even if it’s only to join in for a part, I’d love to have a buddy! You can comment below, or find me on and join the Power of 10 goal.

Here’s to a healthier, happier you and me!

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