A Review of Rah Rah Rugby

Rah Rah Rugby is a rugby resource that every aspiring player should have flagged. In short, connects players, job seekers, rugby clubs and programs. Is you are a player or looking for a job in rugby, you can post a profile with your experiences and a CV. If you are part of a rugby club and have open positions for players of run a rugby-based organization and have a vacancy you can post an opening on Rah Rah Rugby. You can do this from anywhere in the world, and the whole idea is to connect the rugby community. As a rugby player, this was a resource I was stoked to find. This site would show me the teams abroad that need players, most of them offering accommodation, flights, and a monthly stipend! What could be better? Here’s a list of some of the great tools from Rah Rah Rugby:

  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Flight Bookings and Insurance
  • Contract Negotiation Support
  • General Guidance for Rugby Travel and Jobs

The FAQ for Players is short, but definitely helpful to the beginner. This question helps to get started the process of looking for rugby jobs abroad (via team or organization):

Q: I want a professional contract. How can RRR help?
A: We cannot perform miracles. You first must be playing at a senior “A Grade” level, be over the age of 18, have no agent currently representing you, and, to support your case, you must ensure your online profile with us is 100% completed and is true and correct. You will require:
1. References: 2-4 contactable and credible
2. Video footage is a must. In most cases you will need full match and highlights for top-level club consideration.
3. You must have a passport that allows you working or residency rights for that particular country.
4. We must obtain a prior club release. Make sure you are leaving your current or previous club on good terms.

For any player looking to play professionally or for their national team, playing abroad is essential. The ability to adapt to new teams, acquire new techniques, and team tactics is a skill that will highly benefit any player. Playing abroad also gives you new perspectives of looking at the sport of rugby. For example, in Wales, rugby is a way of life. Every clubhouse (even the low-level ones) have several pitches and feeder teams into their men’s and women’s teams. When international matches are played, like Wales vs. England, people will pay anything for tickets and come from across the UK for a chance to watch what they equate to the Superbowl. When I tell people I play rugby here, they mostly respond with “me too” or “I played in school”. When I say the same thing back in the States, hardly anyone will know what the sport is, much less have played or continues to play. Playing here has been eye-opening for me, as I’m playing in a nation that calls rugby their national sport. Rah Rah Rugby can occasionally help you play abroad.

Except for one major flaw with Rah Rah Rugby–its women’s section is barren and lame. The Vacancies section for players boasts a total of one, yes ONEfor the Brazilian Sevens Olympic Team. The other 7 postings are (5) advertised postings from Rah Rah Rugby, (1) Sponsorship desired and (1) Team Managers position. While the website is MAJORLY lacking in the area of women’s rugby, it is still a good one for male rugby players looking to take the step into playing abroad. It is also a good resource for women and men to start planning and see some expectations when planning.

Do you have a good resource for playing a sport abroad? Tell me about! Any for women’s team sports are especially welcome!

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