Cleansing the Mental Palate

Rotting bananas. Barely any yellow left on the shiny peels. Their tops like split ends you never had trimmed over summer vacation. Humidity driving hair to part ways. Two roads diverged right Mr. Frost? Which one will you take? The one less traveled is always muddier. Get your boots dirty on that trail. Hope your hiking boots don’t have any rotting threads. They always do. Toes, likes pigs rolling in muddy beds. God I miss rolling around in a big bed. Stretch my legs to the corners of the mattress. Throwing my arms above my head. No one filling up the space around me. It’s goddamn refreshing having the cold sheets wrapped around your legs. That’s the good stuff. The kind you can’t buy over the counter, or in the dark alleyways of downtown. Not that I’ve ever been there. Well, once or twice perhaps. Just for a friend of a friend. The dealers were always nice. Never as rude as the movies show them. Just people trying to get by like the rest of us. The guilt swallowed me like a riptide, rolled me like a joint that I swore I wouldn’t smoke again. I did a bad thing and I need your help. Your hand, your heart, your mind. Whatever is on sale today. Surprise me! Just get it quickly. Payment? Nothing in my pockets, but I can sit by so you aren’t drinking by yourself if you’d like. Would I like my own glass? I’ve had a few already. Two or six, I don’t know. Who keeps track these days? Drinks on drinks on drinks. Cocktails for the heartaches, beers for boredom, shots for one night stands. It’s the newest diet, and we’re all on it. Side effects may include embarrassment, humiliation, regret, lust. Side effects always include a good ol’ headache. Oh what a world we live in! Not once did we reconsider. Say wait, stop, STOP. This isn’t what’s good for us. Soap and water soap and water. Scrub out the stain before it sinks into the earth’s puzzle of stitches. Maybe we can get the stain out before anyone can remember that we were like this. Like what you ask? Mean, cruel, nasty, money-hungry beings, with an appetite for poison and a passion for power. You want some medicine? Take a dose of humanity. Make it lethal.

*This was an exercise in cleaning out any mental clutter, some details are fiction, others are not. Try it out! I’d love to see one of your own. They often turn into something completely unexpected.

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