Podcasts: Easy, Free and Chock Full of Inspiration

Recently, I have become slightly obsessed with listening to podcasts of all categories and types. It started when I began missing the radio shows from U.S. radio stations, and subscribed to their podcasts to keep up with their recently updated episodes. Then, I ran out of backlogged episodes to listen to, and sought out new and interesting channels. What I came across was an endless list of free, recorded shows for my taking. From business, to news, to music, to science, to writing, and beyond are all in a variety of podcasts. In creating a writing habit, I’ve had to constantly scan my every day life for signs of inspiration. A poem buried in an expression. A short story developing in a conversation overheard at the local pub.  A blog post embedded in that podcast story. There are specks of inspiration in everything, it just takes time and talent to turn them into developed writing. A few of my favorite podcasts are listed. I hope that you can find them as useful and entertaining as I do!

  1. New Yorker: Poetry– this podcast channel is hosted by writers who read recent poetry and discusses the background, their influence, and oftentimes read a poem or two of their own writing. This is an easy way to become updated with poetry that is highly influential. It also allows the writing listener to mimic these poems and use them as prompts for their own work.
  2. HBR IdeaCast– from the Harvard Business Review, this podcast isn’t exactly the kind of podcast that one would expect on a list of writer’s resources, but I promise it’s supposed to be here. The podcast covers all sorts of current events, historical figures and interesting leads, the only connection is that all of the stories induce creativity in business. Something writers often forget: this is a business. We write for consumption and therefore we are no different than entrepreneurs. In some ways, we are entirely the same. This podcast is an excellent source of endless inspiration for your writing, characters or future business ventures.
  3. Radiolab– I’ve mentioned this podcast before, but if you didn’t take my advice and subscribe to their channel, you should do it now. Informative, funny, creative, and scientific, this show is unlike anything else. Their main purpose for creation is to tell people’s stories. Everything they cover is because of an intriguing lead or story from an actual person, and you will most likely hear from that person in the interviews. Each show has a theme and they cover a variety of stories within that theme, stringing them together just enough that the listener can follow along and be intrigued the entire length of the show. The best part of this show is that it does the research for you, backs every claim with scientific studies, interviews and accounts. Furthermore, this show gives a writing listener amazing content to spin off into a character or story of their own.

This is only the beginning of my favorite and useful podcasts made and used by writers. I hope you’ll find them helpful. In the future, I will add to this list with more worthy podcasts. What are your favorite resources? Let me know by commenting below.

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