MyFitnessPal: An Awesome Health Tool


Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 10.36.30 PM

This website and app is the first resource I used to make a commitment to eating well. I’ve been using it for over 3 years, and am still a happy participant, logging nearly every day. MyFitnessPal is part Food and Exercise Journals, part social media site. It allows you to log in every ounce of food and drink you consume through other’s having previously entered the nutrition details. If this for some reason worries you, I have never eaten a food that I couldn’t log, or find something pretty dang similar. You can also log your exercise, from a list of automatic strength and cardio exercises. You can also add your own in case they aren’t already listed. The site and app are very user-friendly, and make it very easy to keep logging every day. I keep the site in my Favorites and the app on my home bar as little reminders to keep up the good work! For some extra tips on getting the most from MyFitnessPal, check out this article from the Feel Great in 8 blog.

Awesome Features:

  • When you log food and/or exercise, MyFitnessPal will total your consumed calories, fats, proteins, carbs (etc., just add these categories in your settings) and will subtract calories as your burn them in the exercise you logged (based on intensity and the type).
    • The calories burned aren’t catered to weight, so aren’t highly accurate, but a rounded to an average that is pretty dang close.
  • The MyFitnessPal app has a feature called the bar code scanner, allowing you to scan the food you are eating instead of manually logging it in.
    • This sadly, makes logging food on the website seem tedious after you use the app.
  • The App also has a feature that recalls all of your recently logged food and exercises so that when you eat or do something regularly you just can to tick that box and add it quicker than it already is.
  • The Community tab offers forums for discussing struggles, recipes, sport inquiries, and give you the chance to connect your profile to other users.
  • Reports allow you to choose any category (weight, calories consumed, fat consumed, etc.) and shows you a report of your progress.
    • This tool is great for crosschecking with bad sleep nights and good workouts, it really helps to get an idea of what routine works for you.
  • MyFitnessPal connects with most of the major fitness tracking tools you are already using (MapMyRun is one of my favorites, as is Sworkit, more about those later!) and uses the fitness data to automatically deduct the energy you burned using those apps.
  • It gives you little motivating tips: You’ve logged for 10 days in a row, keep it up! Or, you’ve lost three pounds in your last weigh-in!

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