A Note on Commitment

Commitment is a hard target to hit. Does it mean honoring a contract? Does it mean staying true to your monogamous relationship? Is it going to the gym every morning? Is it writing 500 words every day to create a habit? It’s all of these and more, but there is an essential element of commitment that is often overlooked: goal-setting.

Goals, targets, conclusions, whatever you’d like to call them, are important. Without an end point it’s impossible to create progress and success. Being committed to something or someone is having the capability to constantly hold up your end of the bargain, and setting up that understood agreement in the beginning. This agreement is between you and other people or within yourself. Anyone without the ability to set that goal for themselves will not be able to commit to anything.

I’ve learned this lesson again and again. At my worst I’m scatter-brained and disorganized, at my best I’m energized and able to complete anything I set my mind to.  Without some real me-time to organize my ambitions, I wouldn’t have completed any single project. Not just once, but several constantly. Here’s an example: at the beginning of my college career, I wanted nothing to do with teaching and was focused only on playing rugby and my future in that area. Six months later, bored with the general education requirement classes of my English major, I added an Education second major. I was determined to be a high school English teacher for most of my Sophomore year. My junior year, I was lost and without vision. I dropped my Education major to a minor, as I wasn’t happy with the tedious requirements and the redundant coursework and added some sociology classes that remain some of my favorites thus far. Thankfully, I was extremely busy with higher level classes, an on-campus job and at the peak of my rugby college career and didn’t have much time to spare. By senior year, I was focused on pursuing my MFA in creative writing. Now, I aim to start a creative writing career, as a writer and coach. My drawn out point being that I changed over the years and even month to month. People change, as do our ambitions.

In recently assessing my goals and ambitions, I have re-shifted my commitment to writing. I have had experience and training in poetry, I would like to focus on writing short stories and flash fiction. In the upcoming month of #500WordsEveryDay challenge via Lift I aim to create unique characters by responding to the prompts provided through the voice of a few characters created by me. This will help me achieve two goals:

1. Write characters with comprehensive ideals, background, thoughts, flaws, etc. I want to know everything there is to know about my character before I write them into a story.

2. Creating a character using writing prompts will add depth and creativity to his/her story.

I’ve organized my thoughts and figured out what I’m committed to, what about you?

2 thoughts on “A Note on Commitment

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Yes, it’s true sometimes it’s difficult to stay committed to something but of course if put your mind to it than you should be fine. I like the idea that you have organized out your thoughts and figured out what your committed to. Maybe it’s something I should consider doing. Thanks.

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