What A Weekend!

We had a lackadaisical start to the week, as Jackie was enjoying her break between her online Master’s classes. The last days of October have been incredibly mild, showing off some unexpected sunshine and getting near 70 degrees. We took to opportunity and enjoyed it by taking Flossie (our host, Ken’s dog) out for a long walks around the nearby park and lakes. We found an awesome new hangout at Waterloo Tea, who welcomed us with tea and brownies when the Internet wasn’t working at the house. Best tea I’ve ever had: Hibiscus Berry, they are doing it right!

Waterloo Tea near the center of Penarth.
Waterloo Tea near the center of Penarth.

The weekend couldn’t have been more different, I feel like I haven’t stopped going since Friday morning. Friday night was the Bristol Ladies’ Halloween Social at our clubhouse, the first of the season. Costumes were assigned by position, and I being in the front row, was a skeleton and Jackie, as a guest, a zombie. We took the train from Penarth to Bristol (about an hour in total) and then a short bus ride to the house two of my teammates live in for getting on our costumes and a few pre-party drinks. This is the part where I would post some pictures of our costumes, but to be honest we were a bit rushed so forgot to snap a photo, and my costume wasn’t that awesome. Not bad, but certainly not the best ensemble I’ve ever worn.

A night of games, laughing, dancing, and general misbehaving ensued. By the wee hours of the night, when we all had enough and then some, we joined our mates back at their house. The next morning we crawled out of bed towards a nearby breakfast place and eventually Jackie and I made our way back to the train station and towards home in Penarth. I had a chance to have some fun with my new teammates and Jackie got to know them as well; all in all it was fantastic fun!

Bristol Ladies took on Aylesford this afternoon at our home pitch. I am very pleased to say that I was in the starting line-up again at Hooker. Despite playing on a pitch soggy with rain, and a card-happy referee, we won the game 69-3, which put us as third in the English Premiership, just under Saracens and Richmond. Slowly but surely, we are making our way back up in the standings, and it feels incredible! You can check out our photographer’s page for as he updates it with recent photos from our games.

This coming week is sure to be fun-filled and we have some tickets to the Welsh Fall Internationals taking place every weekend this month.

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