Fifty Words of Thanks

Choose ten people who, whether from a distance or up close, changed your beliefs about, or actions in, or relationship to the world. #500WordsEveryDay asks to write each person one 50-word paragraph in which you say something you want to say to him/her.

W.F.: You were the first person unapologetic for the opinion you held, and every time you spoke, you made sure that everything you said was well thought out and backed by evidence. Through confidence and knowledge, you led the many classes I took with you into a realm of deep understanding of the society we are living in. You made your students care about what you were teaching. Even better, the students knew that you cared about our welfare above all else. This was the first time a teacher told me that my viewpoint mattered, thank you for that.

Parent 1: You are responsible for so much of the amazing things in my life, but there’s a few things you’ve done that I never understood. You taught me the way to gain meaning in relationships is through honesty, compassion and attention. You take care of the things and people you love, and I hope that I can do the same.

G.P.M.: With the ability to make me more stressed than anyone else can, I’ve come to respect you immensely. You hired me when I had no experience, just a ball of energy and excitement. You saw the potential in me, and guided me in the right direction so I could squeeze every ounce of my work into a positive experience. I created a legacy in my time working for you, but only because you taught me how.

S.P.: You reignited my passion for writing. Through precision and dedication, you demonstrated in your own work how to become a successful writer. You convinced me that essays aren’t terrible, horrible things and that revision is a must. You’ve continued to provide me with writing experience and opportunities that I never would’ve found on my own. My writing developed beyond what I would’ve dreamed under your guidance, and you never hesitated to show genuine interest in my work. Without working with you in many facets, I would have little faith in my own talent and there’s no way that I would be pursuing a career in writing.

Parent 2: I haven’t always admired your wit and humor, but every child comes to a point when they can recognize the bits that make their parents amazing and unique. You have a way of lighting up any dark mood, and the ability to befriend literally any one. You see the best in everyone, even if no one else can. The life of the party, with never-ending incredible costumes, you’ve taught me that laughter and fun are essential elements of life.

S.H.: I’ve never met someone so incredibly humble and talented. Your voice is a powerful and respected one, but not because you demand it, you’ve earned it. Always up for a good joke, your light-hearted nature is what draws me to you. As the first World Cup champion I had the opportunity to meet, your work rate towers above your opponents. You have provided me with an idea of the rugby player I want to become.

J.P.: There’s too much to thank you for, so I’ve just picked one: you are the only person who has accepted every aspect of the person I am, with the ability to push me to be my desired self. Darling, thank you.

The people I chose have and continue to have major impacts on my thinking. Although the prompt asked to say anything to these people, I found that my first instinct was to say thanks. Although its only a few people of all those who deserve it, I hope this has made its mark.

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