A Non-Apology

A Non-Apology
For Professor S. 

I’m sorry your brain can’t comprehend an opinion
you don’t share. It really is a shame.
Class discussions led in ignorance,
by you the biggest hypocrite.
I’m sorry your big mouth feels the need
to spew constant bullshit.
One way to love. One role to play.
I’m sorry no one told you we moved out of caves.
The saddest part yet: you’re smarter than this.
Someone hired you.
I’m sorry they hired you to teach me.
Did some basic math.
$186.50 every time I take a seat in your class.
Pop quiz: What have you taught me?

A. Three modern sociological perspectives
B. How to construct an evidence-based argument
C. How to identify major modern sociological issues
D. That a PhD can’t give someone an open mind

This poem is obviously (I hope) sarcastic and critical, and derived from a prompt to write an unapologetic poem. This is a first draft that I am looking forward to adding to.

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