Part I: Conversing

Part I: Conversing

1: This platform head North or South?
2: Dunno. Anywhere but here, right?
1: Exactly. You looking for a new set of sights too?
2: Not sights, people.
1: What’s wrong with the ones you’ve got?
2: Too much. What about you, what’s your story?
1: Just quit grad school, heading to a buddy’s house for Thanksgiving. Not sure after that.
2: Huh. What’d you study?
1: Ancient Literature. You read much?
2: Only as much as I have to. Why’d you quit?
1: When I realized I hated every minute of it. And you?
2: I need to get away. I left home last night; don’t intend to go back any time soon.
1: Well aren’t we a pretty pair?
2: Two of a kind I’d say.

Today I chose to respond to a prompt from this awesome writing app called Prose. This was challenging for me. The prompt asked the writer to set a scene of a runaway meeting a fellow traveler and the conversation that happened. I’ve taken it a step further and challenged myself to fill the conversation with as many questions as possible. I’m not sure where this pair of travelers will go next, but I this is definitely just a starting point of their journey together.

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