#500WordsEveryDay: Let’s Give It A Go

One of my goals while I am taking this “holiday” in Wales is to create positive writing habits. On my terms the writing could be in any format, about anything, of any length. But saying that, without the motivation of writing courses it’s hard, really hard, to conceive topics every day- especially interesting ones. I’ve recently come across a writing challenge that gives a new prompt every day and asks the following writers to answer the prompt with a 500 word response. This is the start of my #500WordsEveryDay challenge, one that I will do entirely for myself and my writing skills, but also for the enjoyment and connection to any readers. So here is the first prompt:

Tell the story of where you hope your writing will take you. What do you hope will happen as you find your voice?

I don’t have hopes so much of where writing will take me, but I am filled with excitement about what writing does for others. My true strength comes when I am teaching others, and I hope my writing will be strong enough to one day guide me to be a writing teacher. Like so many other dreamy kids, I wrote at a young age. Poems, prose, songs, journal entries, rants, and reviews. I wrote because I had no other way to communicate what I wanted–no, needed–to say. When I was younger, I wrote about my friends’ lives, that dreams that I had, of those who I admired. Hardly ever was the protagonist me. I found, and in some ways still find, myself to be somewhat boring. Then writing became mandatory. In the form of essays and research papers, I became a slave to the written word, and I began to hate it. I was a lazy researcher and an unmotivated investigator, making me the worst at creating a convincing argument. These characteristics helped me lose that sense of passion that I once had for creative writing.

Years past through high school and the first years of college and I dreaded any writing assignments, half-heartedly breezing through the required work. And then finally the writer I had hidden deep inside of me was awoken. I took a Creative Writing class to fill an English elective and every time I walked in the door, it was as if I had come down the stairs of my childhood home to the smell of sizzling bacon and scrambled eggs; I was coming home. Ever since, I have been making up for the time I lost. I’ve been working on style, voice, different writing formats, and revision. During this challenge I want to make writing a habit. I want to find a groove that works for me, whether the product is just a developed blog or publishable work, I’ll be happy. At the end of it all though, I hope to discover what habits work for me, so that I may pass them along to my future students. No one becomes a writer, they have to dig deep enough to find that part of themselves. I want to be the person that guides people to find that part of themselves. I want to see the blush that fills someone’s cheeks with pride of their writing. I want to see the nervous student read aloud their poem to an audience. I want be the first phone call when they have been accepted to a lit journal. I hope my writing will create all of this, but it’s a long ride!

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