Adventures in Cars, Adventures on Bikes!

Nearly two weeks have pasted since we’ve arrived in Wales, and it feels like we have finally settled in. No more waking up in the morning and thinking we’d dreamt the whole visit. Since the last time I’ve posted, we’ve done quite a bit of sightseeing and exploring along the outskirts of Penarth and Cardiff.

We visited Brecon, which is a small town just north of Penarth, tucked between reservoirs and rolling hills. The views were just beautiful, plenty of sheep and sunshine to see outside of the town.  On our way home, we stopped at a small canal, where the locks are maintained by a local family, who lives just beside the canal in a cottage. After we saw the locks, we stopped in the mountains outside of the outskirt villages to stop and have a look around. Sheep and wild horses ran freely along the hillside, and it was a lovely sight to see.


IMG_2186IMG_2198IMG_2183 IMG_2208IMG_2202IMG_2212 IMG_2223 IMG_2229 IMG_2253IMG_225610612867_10205040066144080_2528123450937949476_n

We’ve also been down the Cardiff Bay, to see two warships that were in the bay for the NATO Conference.

10620703_10205040058263883_7632507956907828555_n The lines were nearly two hours long to go aboard, so we decided the check out more of the pier, and try to avoid some of the crowds. Not a long walk from Penarth, we crossed a barrage (foot and bike path bridge that opens for incoming boats) to get across the bay. We passed the Dr. Who Experience, which is closed for updates until October (dang it!), and saw the restaurants, pubs, and bakeries lining the pier. 1461138_10205040058863898_2538982791890249896_nWe tried our first Welsh cakes, which are like a thinner, lighter cinnamon shortcake and once you take the first bite, it’s hard to stop! These pics are from Jackie’s camera.

Biking is a relatively foreign idea for Jackie, who is usually on her rollerblades, so I wasn’t sure how much we would be traveling10612810_10205040067304109_1301826681177885673_n on them. But, it’s turned out to be a very biking friendly area, and a great way to explore the area on our own. We wandered down the coastline, past Penarth and toward the next major town, Sully. We didn’t quite know what direction we were headed until we were there, but no matter! Just before Sully is a tiny, tiny town called Swanbridge (after the farm there) that is located right on the coast. We stopped for a quick lunch at a local restaurant and then decided to take our chances and cross to the small island just a few hundred feet away. There were several warning signs (see below) as the tide comes in and out very quickly and strongly, so it’s not uncommon to be stranded on the island, or swept away to sea with the strong current. We waited until we knew the tide was on the way out, and saw a Grandfather and his grandson on the other side (if it’s safe enough for a child, it’s good enough for us!). Needless to say, we didn’t die.

10616165_10205040069704169_6144314426526881254_n  10635931_10205040071144205_8159023832343930544_n 10671288_10205040071344210_2552972644574436046_n 10698563_10205040072064228_2229605212076689327_n

In sports news, Jackie had her first practice (scrimmage) with a the local hockey team and had a blast. Maybe not up to Norwich standards, but she seems to be enjoying the people and being back on the ice. We caught the local men’s team, the Cardiff Devils game on Sunday- what a rowdy bunch! More fights than I’ve seen in a while, but towards the end turning into a close game. The crowd was incredibly supportive of their team, and we were pretty impressed (considering we’d only met one hockey fan since arriving)! I’ve chosen to play with the Bristol Ladies Rugby Club, which is across the bay in England. I’ve had two weeks of practice, and hope to be cleared to play this Sunday against the Saracens.

That’s all we’ve been up to for the most part! Comment below if you’d like to hear about any particular experience, or just have something great to say. Until next week!

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