The Paleo Diet: Friend or Foe?

The Paleo Diet has stretched its boundaries into some friend and family members so much so that I have considered the diet myself. I’ve decided to take a brief look at what I dig about the Paleo diet, and what I don’t.

Why I’m digging it:

  1. Kickin’ recipes for every meal and every taste. Blogs like The Domestic Man (one that WordPress just recently posted an interview with) publish AMAZING recipes that are easy to make and so freaking delicious. Like these (try not to drool on that keyboard): 
  2. It’s healthy and history-minded. Most fads and diets hardly ever focus on our culture or history. It’s pretty cool that this diet has taken a part of human history into its purpose.
  3. There’s wiggle room. Some dieters focus on 80% Paleo/20% non-Paleo. This is a great aspect to the Paleo diet- its consumers are self-aware and realistic. You NEED a cheat period of your diet, even the healthiest cheat every once in a while.

What’s not working for me:

  1. We cannot eat like our ancestors. The world is a different place, the foods present are so different (even in the ways they are grown) that we are physically incapable of “living” and/or eating Paleo. Meats, fruits, and veggies that exist for our consumption are different varieties than what our ancestors ate. These people killed their food, gathered their fruits/veggies, and found ways to find food to survive. So unless you are an avid hunter and living in a highly edible landscape, you aren’t  Michael Pollen and Time Magazine’s Andrew Sachs explain this further. The Paleo Diet Debunked?
  2. The Paleo Diet is based on the consumption of quite a bit of meat. As I said above, the meat we have today is NOT the same meat. Animals have developed just as much as the human race has, and we hunt/collect, and process them entirely differently. That’s not the only problem. Eating such a large quantity of meat (especially red meat) will not help everyone who isn’t as active as our ancestors (who were VERY active…survival remember?). Steve Camb talks about this in his article too.

Overall, it’s a community of health-conscious people who are looking for a different way to jump on that healthy wagon. There’s some positive and negative aspects of going Paleo, but if it’s working for you, keep at it! Just make sure you are aware of any implications that Paleo might bring. What are your thoughts on your Paleo experience?

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