Women Lifting Weights

This week, I wanted to cover a health topic that I’ve had trouble with for a long time. If you’re an athletic woman, you probably know that it’s not that easy to find a lifting buddy. Especially a woman workout partner. For some reason, women in American society have an insane assumption that by lifting weights regularly, they will immediately achieve body builder bulk status. Apparently this role is reserved for the men in our society, because I’ve heard this as one of the main excuses for not wanting to lift. 

Women are constantly afraid of sending any message that their bodies could be strong or powerful, mostly because that type of physique is what males are supposed to convey. This is a falsehood that most women have mistaken for fact.

One example that I often use is professional women athletes that are most commonly known: the U.S. soccer team, with players like Hope Solo, and boxers, like the incredible Lala Ali, and Olympic snowboarders, like Burton-sponsored Hannah Teter. These women are trained professional athletes- it’s their job to be fit, strong and athletic. They are some of the most athletic women in our society and present in the media. Let’s take a good look. All of them are lean, toned, strong and fit. None of them could ever be confused for men, even when they are sprinting, punching, and flying through the air. These are beautiful, talented women who all lift. And none of them are bulky.


Below are some more reasons why all women should and can lift. Always for better, more toned selves. I’ve found a few knowledgable lady lifters myself who are accompanying me to the gym regularly, and there’s no better feeling than knowing you’re getting stronger every day. 

8 Reasons Women Should Lift Heavier Weights.

Girls Get Your Guns: Why Women Should Lift.

MythBusters! 6 Female Strength Training Myths That Won’t Die.

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