Writer’s Glory

Today has been a day of dringling (to waste time by being lazy). In my laziness, I resorted to entertainment by StumbleUpon. If you have never been to the site, please do not do so unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time there. But it’s worth it. It’s opened my eyes to the world and to the edges of the internet that I otherwise would have never found.

Today, my favorite was I Write Like – StumbleUpon. It’s a site that takes a sample of your writing (I used a section of my latest Portfolio for my english courses) and connects your writing to a famous author. Through word choice and style, it provides a match for you. Mine was J.D. Salinger, author famously of Catcher in the Rye. An author whom I have shamefully never read.

I might start!

Check it out for yourself, it might be worth it to engage with your own personal writing style more or just for fun.

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