Whole Foods Diet update

Seven days after starting the Whole Food health kick with the handy app, Lift, I’ll be honest– I’m half-assing this tracking thing. I know I know, really? Already I’m giving up? Not quite.

Lift operates in a manner of reminders and check-ins to complete your goals. One of those goals that thousands of users, including myself, have subscribed to is the Whole Foods Diet. When you sign up, you are also sent a handy guide to the diet. What’s okay, what’s not, motivational tips, all that jazz. The guide is actually very handy. It breaks down what foods you should look for.

I’ve started this week by focusing on filling my fridge with food from a local farmer’s market. Mind you, whole food can often be very expensive. I’m lucky enough in Vermont to have a ton of farms around me, and many opportunities to find deals on good, locally grown food, even in the winter. The farm that has kept me going in the dead of winter is the Green Mountain Girls Farm, great food but even better people. They even take you of a tour of their farm when you stop by, I met their chickens and pigs!

Green Mountain Girls Farm

This is a picture of their awesome farm.

Anyways, I’ve found the good, whole food, and kept myself (mostly) on track with eating proper meals. No only real problem is going into Lift and checking-in that I do it every day. Many other users are engaged and listing their food intakes and discussing their woes and successes. I just can’t seem to get myself engaged! For this next week, I’m going to try and find a few friends or anonymous online users to help me track my progress. I’d suggest anyone else with similar health goals to do the same.

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