Let’s Giggle

This is my first miscellaneous day and I had so many topics that I wanted to cover, at least 10 are flagged in my bookmarks folder as potentials. They ranged from some serious to thought-provoking to humorous and personal. Finally, I decided that I wanted to kick this thing off in a lighthearted manner. So, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite pics of dogs that I have seen in the last week, mostly on my Tumblr feed.

I also have a personal motive for seeing some adorably funny dog pics, as I have just gotten back to my place in Vermont, after spending the holidays with my parents in New York. I came back to Vermont without my beagle, Scooter, as he is a trained rabbit hunter and my dad needed his services for the rabbit season. Scooter is happier than ever to be chasing around the rabbits, but his absence has left me a bit lonely. I miss seeing his perky little ears and wagging tail greet me every morning.  Seeing these doggie pics and posts somehow makes me feel better. So, here goes nothing.

That tongue though.

ohtemporaomores:</p> <p>pug vs hairdryer. you’re welcome.<br />

Stop it, this is too freaking adorable.

Not a dog, but still freaking awesome. I wished I loved combs as much as this guy.

Mop or dog?

Come on!

corgisandboobs:</p> <p>"I am the cleanest peeg."<br />

Not a dog, but better. A miniature pig taking a miniature bath.

And finally…

What better way to end a post than with a cat floating on a cheeseburger in space?

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