Resolutions Step 1

Following the first of every year, we all expect the slew of resolutions and tips to overwhelm every site and page we visit for at least the next month. Then February hits, and we all forget what goals we set. By St. Patrick’s Day, we’re already stuck in our habits and the new year, new us mantra is a thing of the past. I’m sure I’ll be one of those by March, but until then, I’ve stumbled upon an awesome diet/new year’s resolution tracker that is supported by one of my favorite apps, Lift. It support daily goals and tracks your development, while using social connections to support you in your pursuits. It’s one of the best goal setting apps I’ve seen, and I actually continue to use it today. My social media worlds have seemed to collide when Lift and No Meat Athlete teamed up to develop this community diet. No Meat Athlete is a vegetarian site that develops upon marathon running and how to eat for success. They dish out some great tips and hints for eating, the mental game, and long distance running. And even though my focus lies in rugby training, they have some great contributions. 

Lift have teamed up to launch a campaign called “Quantified Diet”. It gives you a number of optional diets and you choose the one that you want to focus on. Some are traditional diets, in the food sense, and others are non-food diets, like reading or sleep diets that promote a healthy lifestyle and support an individual’s goals. I was drawn to more than one, but eventually chose the Whole Foods Diet. Eating only whole foods is something I’ve been working on for a long time now (almost two years), and I’ve had ups and downs. I’m looking forward to using Lift as a reminder for me to eat meals with unprocessed foods, and to cook some new foods. The link is here: Lift’s Quantified Diet | Join the Largest Crowdsourced Randomized Trial on Diet, I would love anyone who wants to team up with me and complete this diet! Any suggestions on how you are eating whole foods in the new year? Let me know! 

One last note, I’ve started a new blogging kick this year!

  • Mondays: I will review my progress with the new diet, and my health habits
  • Wednesdays: will be devoted to book reviews and literary lovin’!
  • Saturdays: completely miscellaneous. Anything from rugby to relationships, from funny pics to family, will take requests!

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