Some Deep Thinking

I just started reading the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn to make my recent airplane rides pass by quicker. The book is rather simple in its cover art and synopsis, leaving the details to the text. I’ve never been so intrigued within such a short number of pages. As I said, I’m only a few pages in, but the premise is right up my alley.


Lately, I’ve been struggling (as it seems every twenty-something is) to pinpoint what my next few years would hold for me. I’m okay with living day to day, but I have been craving a revelation that would combine my interests with my knowledge and skill level, as well as my passion. I’d dropped my education major to a minor last semester when I found out I wouldn’t be able to graduate on time. I’d lost my love for teaching that used to propel my learning.

I found myself evaluating the words on the pages below me to help me engage my own goals and abilities. Although I was no longer intending to purpose a career in teaching, I realized that my focus never left teaching. I was focusing on different aspects of teaching: in coaching, youth development, and social awareness. And in the spine of Ishmael I had a revelation that I won’t be soon to forget: I don’t want to create, I want to create creators. 

I’m finally on my way to understanding what I really want to do with my life!

Read more next time as I further investigate myself in the book Ishmael as well as review the book.

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