Raft Golf and Gator Tails

I’ve been traveling this past week to California, and I’m loving it. Being the first summer out of the house I grew up in, I found myself nostalgic for the summers I was used to. Water bound days, campsite evenings, bonfires, big bites, outhouses, chopping wood and sunburns. The good and the bad of the great outdoors in the Adirondacks. This summer wasn’t so drastically different, but. I really felt that my whimsical youth was coming to a conclusion.


But this weekend before the plane rides and California sunshine, I got the chance to go back home for a long weekend of what I loved and was longing for. A great big camp party. My parents and friends gathered for the weekend for what my mother had called the Gator Bay Yacht Club Regatta (what you’re imagining, I assure you, is incorrect). There’s a log that appears to some (often after many beers/cocktails) to be a gator head that guards the bay our water-access camp. So, we all gathered for a BBQ, a boat parade, many drinks (including a homemade cocktail beverage my mother cleverly called “gator tails”).

A beloved activity of camp is something we call raft golf. A small group of the party rotates throughout the evening, taking turns on the small raft parted about ten feet off the dock. A circle of pool noodles is placed put in the bay as a target. And then it begins! With a few old pitching wedges and drivers, we take turns at our attempts to hit the floating gold balls into the circle. Mind you, this was harder as the evening wore on.

Overall, it was a fulfilling and relaxing weekend at camp. Exactly what I needed to get my sampling of summers as a kid.

Next post, I’ll cover my California adventures!


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