It’s official. Mermaids are the coolest, real or unreal.

Before I get ahead of myself, if you all aren’t watching Mermaids: The New Evidence, it’s worth taking a look at.


If you are a believer or are most certainly not a believer, the arguments are presented are pretty enlightening. The aquatic ape theory (look it up!) is one that I myself haven’t been aware of and it’s quite interesting to think about.

It starts to make a lot of sense: the slightly webbed fingers and toes that no primates share, holding our breath longer than some aquatic creations, the lack of hair and land adaptations that most land dwellers possess. We, as a species, are pretty misplaced it seems. Perhaps we came from the sea and not from the trees. Or perhaps I’ve been watching my fish tank too much.

I’m not going to rant any further, who knows what’s real?! But it’s worth looking at on the Animal Planet site.

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